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Power-Air delivers quality, high durability, teaching and cost effective training equipments for technical schools, polytechnics, colleges and universities. We develop not only hardware, but also teachware and simulation software to provide more interesting learning system and environment.

Pneumatic Training System

Introduction of pneumatic technology base on physical fundamental, terminology of control and industrial applications:-

• Pneumatic; Fundamental Level
• Pneumatic; Advanced Level
• Electro-Pneumatic; Fundamental Level
• Electro-Pneumatic; Advanced Level
• Servo-Pneumatic
• Customize Solutions




Hydraulic Training System

Introduction of hydraulic technology for user to conduct experimental exercises, studies and researches as well as practical industrial applications:-

• Hydraulic; Fundamental Level
• Hydraulic; Advanced Level
• Electro- Hydraulic; Fundamental Level
• Electro- Hydraulic; Advanced Level
• Proportional Hydraulic
• Customize Solutions

  Flexible Mechatronic System (FMS)

Power-Air Flexible Mechatronic System is a miniaturize production model for further studies in industrial automation, production and mechatronic. This system uses various technologies integrated with industrial controller enable the user to learn and acquire practical skills in automation controls, software development as well as experiencing the teamwork in carryout installation and commissioning of simulated system. The advanced configuration of system involves handling of SMS and Ethernet control communication technique.

  Process Control System (PCS)

The process control trainer is a miniature simulation system use to measure the parameters of Level, Flow, Pressure and Temperature in one compact module. This system utilizes an industrial grade components, PLC and SCADA software for determining relations of P.I. or P.I.D.

  Programmable Logic Control Trainer

Power-Air offer wide range of PLC training unit for various application of system include the simulation kits to further enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning.



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